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All our works of art are the origin of the runs we made or purchased directly from the publisher or artist.

Apart from some special works bought by our collectors.

The guarantee of a work of art is important, in order to understand if the work has been "pulled" in many specimen, which one of these specimens you are buying. The printing technique can be clear to an attendant of the trade at a glance at 80% but in some cases need more thorough investigations.

Some artists have a "foundation" that has edited posthumous works, this must be stated on the guarantee certificate, eg. With the words "work signed by the foundation"! Our gallery has always avoided treating this kind of works, very common fortunately only for a few artists.

They are then provided with certificates of authenticity that must always follow the work.

Here is an example of these certificates as they will be released.

From the early years 70 we use this system of guarantees, which is acknowledged by collectors and fellow gallerists. The archive number, the complete data of the circulation guarantee from every counterfeit.

We recommend that you always keep the warranty in the folder together with the work and, when framed, make it stick in a standard envelope behind the picture.