info> Creation of ArtWork Price

First, a distinction must be made between works which are presented on the market for the first
the ones that have already passed into different hands.

Obviously in an initial phase the price is determined by the artist and/or his merchant of
Subsequently the work enters into the price dynamics determined by the law of demand and
supply: the higher the demand and the higher the price.

The best technique to determine what the right price of a work can be in a given
moment, is to collect as accurate information as possible about the real transactions that have been
The most valid source is surely represented by all the auctions in which the work has been
this is the result of all the prices actually paid by collectors.
In fact it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to know the prices made in the individual exhibitions
kept in the many galleries.

The instrument which we consider to be of great value and which we have therefore taken as a basis for our own evaluation criteria, it is certainly a site like which catalogs all the rods of the
world with results achieved over time. Based on our 50-year experience,
we believe that we are in a position to grasp, with the appropriate set-up, the value objective.
commercial of every single work. We know in fact “weigh” the meaning of many other parameters such as
technique, size, period, subject and, in the case of graphic works, the actual circulation and validity

The right price remains, however, the essential condition for collecting works that in any
time can be sold at auction with full satisfaction.