info> Investing in Art

Buying a work of art, a single piece or a multiple, is first of all a great pleasure.
But at the same time it can also be a profitable investment over time. It all depends on the validity of the purchase and first from the source from which the work originates and the fame of the artist.

The quotations of the works of art are formed in a very lively market that sees merchants and public actively exchanging the works in a continuous confrontation that is the true source of the right price.

To this dynamic contribute effectively the auctions that with great frequency mark the continuous affair of the encounter between the supply and demand.

Even if the first motivation of the purchase has been the most common of the will to furnish your house in the most pleasant way possible, it can be born later satisfactions by reselling the work purchased at first to replace it with Another of new interest.

Practically this transforms the simple buyer into a prospective merchant.

The investment certainty has always been characterised by the following points

  • Products of the highest quality, with guarantee of the gallery
  • Rigorous and certified numbering of works
  • Choice of internationally acclaimed artists