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The angular and the correspondence sale


To create a market of young collectors, the angular began in 1971 the sales by correspondence of graphic works, minting the formula "with convenient monthly instalments", then copied by all. 


During a trip to Sicily, Montresor wanted to know the first purchaser who had bought in installments by correspondence and who then had continued regularly to buy graphic works. 


Recatasi in the province of Palermo, at the address of the customer, Great was the wonder of finding a house almost dilapidated, with the front door apprested to the compartment without hinges. It was then found in an apartment almost devoid of furniture, but full of paintings. The owner was delighted to meet her because she was grateful to have allowed her to bring home the "beauty" in convenient monthly installments!


An immense joy for Dina Montresor! 


Some "historical" catalogue..... Evolution, hardcover, tabbed, foldable sheet in the years 80 up to the online site today.