• Special Edition for the cover of a book, signed by the artist. Particularly rare work of 1973 printed on press, a cover of a book created in formats suitable for framing. "

  • Advertising Special Edition, the great ability of illustration of Crepax lends itself to this particular image.

  • Advertising Special Edition, entitled "Arrival".

  • Beautiful lithograph "bon a tirer" printed on stone press, is a special work for collectors. "bon a tirer" written by the artist when it approved the fair play of colors.

  • Lithograph damaged in a corner. Very pleasant subject.

  • Lithograph fun and easy. Crepax plays with the "butterflies."

  • Rare printed work on stone press.

  • Work ruined in a corner from moisture, framed with mat does not require restoration.

  • Very rare work of Annigoni, incredibly realistic.

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