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To answer this question, that often the collectors turn to us, in a truly professional way, since the Seventies we specialize in graphic design using our presses or printers of reliable reliability.

We follow the artist step-by-step in every phase of his work, from the project to the working of Lastra, to the actual printing.

The artist will personally check the quality of each piece and sign the copies after having numbered them one by one, and then personally to destroy (Biffare) the original slab.

The engraving technique and even more that of etching-acquatinta are certainly very difficult and require a great commitment and a real artisan talent. Artists like Zambrellli, Masi, Ranucci have studied for years the most effective combinations of passages and inserts reaching results of excellence.

From the economic point of view, however, a less demanding investment and the possibility of a greater appreciation, certainly lay for the choice in favor of the graphic work.